Oct 23 (Sun) ~ Oct 27 (Thu), 2022

Kinki Nippon Tourist Corporate Business Co., Ltd. (KNT) has been appointed as the official agency that handles registration for the International Workshop on Gallium Oxide and Related Materials (IWGO).



Early-bird 17:00 on Sep 23 (Fri), 2022 [JST = GMT+9]
Late 17:00 on Oct 3 (Mon), 2022 [JST = GMT+9]
Onsite 15:30 ~ 19:00 on Oct 23 (Sun), 2022 [JST = GMT+9]
8:30 ~ 17:00 on Oct 24 (Mon), 2022 ~ Oct 26 (Wed), 2022 [JST = GMT+9]
8:30 ~ 12:00 on Oct 27 (Thu), 2022 [JST = GMT+9]

Registration Fee

  Early-bird Late Onsite
General 80,000 JPY 90,000 JPY 90,000 JPY
Student (1) 50,000 JPY 60,000 JPY 60,000 JPY

*JPY: Japanese Yen, Tax: included.
*Registration are requiered for the workshop and banquet, respectively.
*All presenters should complete your registration before 17:00 on Sep 23 (Fri), 2022 [JST = GMT+9].

(1) Students are required to submit a copy of valid student ID (student card or official admission letter) including the expiry date onto the registration system (acceptable file type: pdf, jpeg & jpg) upon registration to qualify for the “Student” rate. If you are unable to upload your student ID onto the registration system, please send it to the IWGO Registration Desk by email.
 Student are requested to present their student ID at the reception desk for onsite registration.

Registration fee includes General Student (1)
Welcome reception (17:30 ~ 19:30 on Oct 23)
Admission to meetings and sessions
Workshop materials
Program booklet (USB flash drive)
Coffee break refreshments during the workshop

Banquet (Optional)

Fee: JPY10,000

Date: 18:30 ~ 20:30 on Oct 26 (Wed), 2022.
Venue: The grand ball room (same as the meeting room)
Style: Seating

* The banquet may be canceled due to prevention of the spread of COVID-19. In case of cancellation, the banquet fee will be refunded.

Accommodation (Optional)

Deadline of hotel reservation: 17:00 on Oct 3 (Mon), 2022 [JST = GMT+9]
A block of rooms at neighboring hotels has been secured for the workshop attendees and can be reserved via the registration system. Please check the information on Hotel Accommodation here.


  • 1. All room rates are per room per night, including breakfast, service charge, accommodation tax and consumption tax.
  • 2. Services not included in room rate: charges and expenses other than those specified in article 1, such as personal expenses (e.g. laundry, telephone, additional meals, drinks, etc.), travel and accommodation costs to and from the above hotels.
    *Any expenses incurred during your stay should be settled individually with the hotel by cash or credit card.
  • 3. Room equipment: bathroom and toilet.
  • 4. The above rates are valid only during the period of IWGO Workshop (Oct 22 - 27, 2022 [JST = GMT+9]). Accommodation on dates other than the listed date on the registration system can be requested but cannot be guaranteed at the same rate. If you would like to stay before/after the conference, please send inquiry email to the IWGO Registration Desk.
  • 5. Hotel reservations are made on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please note that rooms may be sold out before the application deadline of 17:00 on Oct 3 (Mon), 2022 [JST = GMT+9].
  • 6. Please notify KNT if you expect to arrive at your hotel at 22:00 [JST = GMT+9] or later to avoid cancellation of reservation.
  • 7. Car parking permit is not included. If needed, please contact the hotel directly.
  • 8. Please write your request in the "Remarks" field or send an email to the IWGO Registration Desk if you have smoking or non-smoking room request. Your request will be forwarded to the hotel. However, please kindly understand that smoking/non-smoking rooms might not be provided to you due to limited room vacancy.
  • 9. The total amount must be paid to complete your hotel reservation.
  • 10. Rates and availability above are subject to change without prior notice.

Payment Method

* Payment should be made in Japanese Yen (JPY) by credit card or bank transfer by Oct 3 (Mon), 2022 [JST = GMT+9].
* No registration and/or reservation will be confirmed in the absence of this payment (if any).
* Neither checks nor cash are accepted.

Credit Card

Kindly click on the “Make Payment” button to complete your payment for registration and/or reservation.
(VISA, Master Card, American Express, Diners Club, or JCB only.)

* Please use a credit card that is valid at least until December 2022.
* The drawer of this online payment transaction will be “Kinki Nippon Tourist Corporate Business Co., Ltd.” However, the exact name of the drawer might vary slightly depending on the card company.
* Credit card transactions might be recorded on your credit card statement about one to two months later due to system matters.

Bank Wire Transfer

Account Number: 7300654 (Checking accounts)

* Bank transfer must be made in full amount without any deduction of transaction charges.
* Please include your “Registration Number” in the sender’s name.
* When making a collective bank transfer, please inform the names of the participants and registration numbers by email to the IWGO Registration Desk (iwgo2022-regist@or.knt.co.jp).

支店名:すずらん支店 (760)
口座種類:(当座) 7300654
口座名義:カ)キンキニッポンツーリストコーポレートビジネス (株式会社近畿日本ツーリストコーポレートビジネス)

* 振り込み手数料はご負担くださいますようお願い致します。
* 銀行振込の送金者名に「登録番号」を含めてください。
* まとめて銀行振込をする場合は、申込者名と登録番号をメールでお知らせください。

Issuance of Invoice

If you need an invoice for the approval of payment, kindly send an email to the IWGO Registration Desk.
Kindly proceed with registration to IWGO on the registration system before sending us your inquiry email as the registration number is needed for the issuance of an invoice.
Please inform us if any of the following information is necessary to be included in the invoice.
(For example, affiliation’s full name, affiliation’s full address, tax number/Tax ID, VAT number, etc.)

Issuance of Receipt

Receipt for registration and accommodation fee will be given to the participant at the reception desk onsite while picking up the name holder and conference kit.

Change / Cancellation / Refund Policy

In the case of change and cancellation requests for registration and accommodation, they should be submitted via email to the IWGO Registration Desk by email (iwgo2022-regist@or.knt.co.jp).
The date and time of the change and cancellation will be based on the working hours (Mon - Fri 10:00-17:00 [JST = GMT+9] except national holidays).
After working hours, cancellation will be made on the next working day, which may incur charges.

*Cancellation Policy for Registration
Before and on Aug 31 (Wed), 2022: No charge
On and after Sep 1 (Thu), 2022: No Refund (100% of Registration Fee)

*Cancellation Policy for Accommodation

21 days before the night of stay No Charge
20 to 8 days before the night of stay 20% of accommodation charge
7 to 2 days before the night of stay 30% of accommodation charge
1 day prior before the night of stay 40 % of accommodation charge
On the reserved day (before hotel’s check-in time) 50% of accommodation charge
On the reserved day (after hotel’s check-in time) 100% of accommodation charge
Cancellation without notice (No-show) 100% of accommodation charge / No Refund


Refunds will be made before/after the conference upon deducting bank transfer fees and/or credit card service charges and the cancellation penalties.

If payment was made by credit card, refund will be made to the same credit card.
Due to the system setting, only full-amount refund is available. If any partial refund should be made for change / cancellation, the registration desk will first make a full-amount refund to the registered credit card and charge the amount after deducting change or cancellation penalty.

If the payment was made by bank transfer, please inform us of your bank account by email.
Please note that the transaction charge for the refund will be on the applicant’s account.

IWGO liability limitation

* In the event of an industrial disruption or natural disaster, the International Workshop on Gallium Oxide and Related Materials (IWGO), the organizing committee, management and service providers, and supporting organizations do not accept responsibility for any financial or other losses incurred by exhibitor companies, personnel, and conference delegates (further indicated as participants), nor for injury or damage to persons or property occurring during or related to the IWGO Workshop in Nagano, Japan. All insurance, including medical cover, or expenses incurred in the event of the cancellation of IWGO, is the responsibility of the participant.

* Participants are encouraged to choose a travel insurance policy that includes loss of fees/deposits through cancellation of your participation in IWGO, or through the IWGO itself; loss of airfares for any reason; medical expenses; loss or damage to personal property; additional expenses; and repatriation should travel arrangements have to be altered. IWGO, the organizing committee, management and service providers, and supporting organizations will take no responsibility for any participant's failure to insure.

* In addition, the IWGO organizing committee has no responsibility in the case you are not able to attend the symposium due to the results of COVID-19 tests before and after your flight.

Registration has been closed.