2018 Autumn Meeting , The Physical Society of Japan

September 14 (Fri.) - 17 (Mon.), 2018
Shinshu University, Matsumoto Campus
(3-1-1, Asahi, Matsumoto City)
(Temporary phone number of headquarters during the annual meeting)
(Executive Committee homepage)
Theoretical Particle Physics
Experimental Particle Physics
Cosmic Rays/Astrophysics

Participants are requested to make participation procedures at the general reception desk (except for participants who have registered in advance).
On the day registration has 2 methods (online credit card payment through the website or cash payment).

After registration, please receive a name card (for non-member, please receive a program book as well). Please write your name on the name card and wear it during the meeting period.
The name card can be reissued by paying an amount of 300 yen when you forgot to bring it.

* Registration payment methods and registration fee are as follows.

  1. Online credit card payment through the website (discount available):URL: http://www.toyoag.co.jp/jps/
      Please complete from the URL above in advance, after completing the online payment by credit card on the web, please come to the general reception desk.
  2. Cash (local) payment. Please make sure there is no change.
  Society Member
(consumption tax included)
General Member/
Supporting Member
Junior Member
General Student
Web online payment JPY8,500 JPY4,250 JPY15,000 JPY6,000
Cash JPY10,000 JPY5,000 JPY17,000 JPY8,000

* Registration Reception Venue: General reception (however, after 13:00 on the last day it will be at the meeting headquarters).

* Registration Reception Time: 8:30 - 16:00 (September 14 - 17)

Please use online credit card payment system from the above Web site to make payment for registration. In addition, please pay the exact amount in the case of cash payment.

* Note:
If you are a member of the society, please bring a program (special issue) published with "BUTSURI" August Edition.The program book will not be distributed at the time of registration for the member.
If a member need a program, it will be distributed at an amount of 500 yen (per copy).
In addition, please understand that you can not buy a program because the number of copies is limited.

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