For presenters

  1. Presentation time
    1. Oral presentation
      15 minutes (10 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions and answers)
    2. Poster Session (PS)
      The exhibition period is from March 12th to 15th (last day).
  2. Presentation time and signal to presenter
    1. As a rule, the bell does not ring in online meeting, please use the following as a guide.
      Oral presentation (held at local time)
      Signal to presenter Signal
      Start time  
      In two-thirds progress The first signal
      At the end of presentation The second signal
      At the end of presentation time The third signal
    2. How to Make an Oral Presentation
      1. A lecture will be given using the web conference system (Zoom). Please make sure that the user name (display name) set in Zoom can be identified by the Chairperson and other participants.
      2. Please share the materials on the screen, and give a lecture under the instructions of the chair.
      3. As a rule, the bell does not ring, so please manage the lecture time by yourself.
    3. How to Conduct a Poster Session
      1. The lecture data uploaded in advance (PDF: maximum of 5.0MB) will be posted on the meeting page. (Refer to the society website for the uploading method.)
      2. You will be able to respond to the questions of the participants using the comment function on the posted page.
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