For participants

  1. Presentation time and discussion time
    1. Original work presentation (Oral presentation): Presentation time is 15 minutes in total uniformly, 10 minutes presentation and five minutes discussion.
    2. Symposium, Invited, Organized and Tutorial presentation: Presentation time (including 5 to 10 min. discussion) are indicated after the presentation title in the program.
    3. Poster Session (Exhibition Presentation) .....Posted throughout the Autumn Meeting period (March 15-19).
      In addition, a presentation time of 2 hours will be set for each of the dates and time set in advance in each area.
  2. Divisions of poster sessions (PS)
    1. Divisions of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and Theoretical Nuclear Physics and Experimental Nuclear Physics Joint Session(Undergraduate Students)
  3. About the notation of the program
    1. As for the presentation to be carried out in English, a mark is added to the left shoulder of the program number.
    2. The presenter's name appears at first of the co-presenters in the program. If the presenter will appear after the second place or latter, mark is added to the left upper part of the presenter.
    3. Modifications such as Speakers and Titles will not be reflected on the PDF version of the program. For the lectures that has been modified, the latest information will be sequentially updated on the web version of the program or in the online meeting page.
  4. About the photography of contents of presentation
    1. About photography, animation photography, voice recording of presentation contents are prohibited in principle. Please ask permission from the presenter and chairperson beforehand when needed.
  5. About "Cancellation of presentation"
    1. After the program "Cancellation (the presentation time will be moved up hereafter) ," the subsequent presentation time will be moved up in each first-half and latter-half session.
    2. The time will not be moved forward as to the presentation which is included in the program and became "Cancellation" on-site.
  6. How to participate in the meeting
    1. To participate, login to the online meeting page. Account information will be sent by email to participants who have registered in advance before the session. For on the day registration, please register on the registration page and create an account.
    2. We will use the web conference system (Zoom). Please check in advance whether your PC environment supports online.
      (Test page for operation check:
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