JPS 77th Annual Meeting, The Physical Society of Japan

March 15 (Tue.) - 19 (Sat.), 2022

Theoretical Particle Physics
Experimental Particle Physics
Theoretical Nuclear Physics
Experimental Nuclear Physics
Cosmic Rays/Astrophysics
Beam Physics
Division 1: Atomic and Molecular Physics, Quantum Electronics, Radiation
Division 2: Plasma
Division 3: Magnetism
Division 4: Semiconductors, Mesoscopic Systems and Quantum Transport
Division 5: Optical properties of Condensed Matter
Division 6: Metal Physics [Liquid Metals, Quasicrystals], Low Temperature Physics [Ultralow Temperatures, Superconductivity, Density Waves
Division 7: Molecular Solids
Division 8: Strongly Correlated Electron Systems
Division 9: Surfaces & Interfaces, Crystal Growth
Division 10: Structural Property(Dielectrics, Ferroelectricity, Lattice Defects and Nanostructures, Phononic Properties, and X-ray and Particle Beams)
Division 11: Fundamental Theory of Condensed Matter Physics, Statistical Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics, Applied Mathematics, Socio- and Econophysics
Division 12: Soft Matter Physics, Chemical Physics, Biophysics
Division 13: Physics Education, History of Physics, Environmental Physics


Abstracts of Theory of elementary particle division, Experiment particle physics division, Experiment nuclear physics division, Theoretical nuclear physics division, Cosmic rays and cosmic physics division, Divisions 1 to 13 are published in the Abstracts or DVD recording.

Note: The access period for the web access right is one year from March 1, 2022 (Tue.). (It will be open to the public on J-Stage after being published for 1 year)    
The DVD version for record-keeping will not arrive in advance before the event meeting. It will be shipped after the meeting is over.

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